Conquer The Heavens
Concept art and asset direction

Conquer The Heavens is a multiplayer space combat game that aims to focus on the fun and emotional intensity of zero-gravity combat over realism and accuracy.

I was hired on to direct the concept art and provide assets by Nick Glenn, co-founder of Helpful Human in Seattle and the primary developer of the game.

No up or down

The game’s unique feature is it’s first-person-shooter-inspired ship control system and gameplay style. To expand on this, I aimed to design an in-space environment that would make combat feel like a close-quarters city firefight. I began abstract studies, slowly working from 2D to 3D to begin visualizing what a gravity-less sprawl would look like, and how that may manifest in vehicle designs.

What if space wasn't black?

Our goal was to put player experience above realism. This gave the team the idea to think of space as a canvas that could visually support the emotional ambiance of the current situation. I painted scenarios where the ambient color of space might match the mood of the scene.


For menu and UI, I designed and produced a typeface in four weights that would convey the retro-future aesthetic that was beginning to evolve.

3D Prefabs

After establishing the general idea of the game environment, I began to model and texture low-poly components that would be used to populate houses and building faces in the colonized space environments. Our eventual plan is to procedurally generate these environments, so a rigid modular system was needed.

Testing prefabs

These were quickly tested these to see what was possible given the palette.