Consumer product design and supporting media

While working at Graypants, I took on the physical design, interaction testing, and supporting media for an exciting new portable light.

With expanded manufacturing capabilities, our team was interested in creating a new portable device that called back to a classical era while elevating the aesthetic for modern architectural spaces.

I began building on this prompt with a personal desire to create an awareness and respect around light in a world where light is often thanklessly available at all times.


I reveled in finding a careful balance between kitsch and total abstraction. Historical design cues would inform the user on how to hold and treat the product without instruction.

At the same time it didn’t need to catch dripping wax.

Phone-based interaction studies guided the design of the touch-point on Wick.

Photorealistic rendering

Given that the design and success of Wick was highly dependent on the light that it produced, I was interested in rendering prototypes for the product as accurately as possible.

In addition to sketches and sketch renderings, I began building rendering templates and environments in Blender so that we could simulate accurate material changes and color temperatures.

Identity and Packaging

Branding this new child of Graypants meant honoring the parent brand's structure while creating something that walked it's own walk.

By removing thin lines from the high-contrast type, I could reuse the inside of the c for the dot on the i.
It also, you know, looked like a flame.

The tube had to withstand the grueling digestive system of modern international mail. Despite fellow children proving that you could throw a Wick accross the room without consequences, I paid careful attention to isolating important components from movement inside the tube.

In short this project was a blast. I have one on my desk. It pairs great with late night potty breaks.